Medical Guidelines and Immunization Policy

All Schechter Westchester students attending school at the White Plains or Hartsdale locations are required to comply with school district health regulations. All required forms must be returned to the attention of the School Nurse at the Lower or Upper School Health Office.

This page includes information about our immunization policy as well as links to all required health forms.

New, Incoming Students

If your child is a new, incoming student, please submit current records from your child's doctors:

If applicable, please submit:

  • Emergency Treatment of Severe Allergy - Note that a new submission of this form is required annually for applicable students and be must be signed by physician as well as parent/guardian.

Required Annually: Permission for Medication

The form Permission to Administer Medications in School is required for each student, authorizing the school nurse to administer either prescription or over-the-counter medication, whether taken as needed, routinely, or occasionally. This form must be submitted annually for all students and be must be signed by the child's physician as well as parent/guardian.

Students with SEVERE Allergies Requiring Medication

In addition to the Permission to Administer Medications in School form, the parents/guardians of children with severe food and/or other allergies are required to:

Immunization Policy - General Guidelines

Solomon Schechter School of Westchester (the “School”) requires compliance by its students with the immunization requirements of New York State Public Health Law Section 2164. In this regard, the School has adopted the following guidelines. Students will be able to attend the School after supplying the Health Office with documentation in one of three ways:

  • Immunization Record: A physician’s certificate documenting the student’s immunization against diphtheria, poliomyelitis, pertussis, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B, HIB, and meningitis as well as documentation about tuberculosis screening.

  • Immunization Record with Medical Exemption: The School will accept a completed certificate with missing immunizations that are detrimental to the student’s health, as documented by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the State of New York.

  • Religious Exemption: Parent, parents, or guardians who hold genuine and sincere religious beliefs which are contrary to the practices herein are required to submit a signed letter specifying their objection to the immunization requirements. The Principal reserves the right to require additional documents in support of these genuine and sincere religious beliefs on a case-by-case basis. No certificate shall be required as a prerequisite to such children being admitted or received into school or attending school.

A fourteen (14) calendar day grace period is provided when evidence is presented that the family is making a good faith effort to obtain the necessary proofs. This may be extended to no more than thirty (30) days for a student who is transferring from out-of-state or from another country. Decisions on whether a grace period will be granted shall be made by the applicable Principal in consultation with the school’s Head of School.


A student who does not present the required documentation of proof of immunizations, or letter from the physician documenting their medical exemption, or letter from the parents for a religious exemption prior to action by the School on his/her application may receive only a “provisional acceptance.” The student may only begin attendance upon furnishing proof of immunization or satisfying the requirements for the grace period(s) set forth above. Upon expiration of any grace period, the student will be restricted from the School property until such time as the required documentation is submitted.

Students Entering Grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, or 12

If your child will be in grade 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, or 12 next year, the following health forms are required in addition to the Permission to Administer Medication in School form:

Students Entering Grade 6

In addition to the Permission to Administer Medications in School form, if your child is entering grade 6, he/she must have received either Adacel or Boostrix and two varicella vaccines. Please submit:

Upper School Athletes (Grades 7-12)

In addition to the Permission to Administer Medications in School form and in accordance with New York State Law, the following form must be completed annually by parents whose children will participate on a sports team:

Medications for Overnight Trips

For student overnight trips, parent/guardian is required to submit this online form.

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