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Curriculum & More

Schechter Westchester is a warm and caring environment where students are invited to think creatively and analytically from the day they walk into their kindergarten classroom. Our dual curriculum enables students to think critically in two languages and provides them with a strong foundation in both secular and Judaic studies. From academic classes to holiday celebrations, to experiential learning and nurturing of body and soul, our students gain a breadth and depth of knowledge and are infused with a strong sense of pride as they explore their Jewish and American heritage.


Each of our divisions is a community within a community, both in and out of the classroom. Our halls are infused with core Jewish values, a love of learning, and a joyful spirit. We celebrate our students’ successes and build on their strengths, supporting them to achieve ambitious academic goals. We are committed to excellence in both general and Judaic studies.

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Student Services

We know our students as individuals with their own passions and needs, and we work to provide an academically, emotionally, and socially engaging, challenging, and supportive program for each child. Our task is to use information about the whole child and harness the resources of our faculty to help every student to grow and meet his or her potential as she or he navigates the challenging world of childhood development.

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Beyond the Classroom

Class and grade trips, community service, rich extra-curricular offerings, and student government are just a few of the experiential learning experiences that encourage our to students to question why things are, think about how things might be, and work toward change to insure that they develop  knowledge, skills and confidence.

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Student Initiatives

College Counseling

Schechter Westchester High School is committed to finding the right college match for all students by providing individualized and group advisement on the college admission process. Our goal is to work with students and families to find the right fit of school that will provide each of our students with the living and learning environment that will enable them to thrive. 

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Meet Our Faculty

We pride ourselves on our faculty, a cohesive, nurturing group of educators dedicated to helping children succeed. Our educators display an exciting mix of experience and dedication to the art of teaching children and adolescents, proven expertise in their chosen field, and openess to new and creative ways of teaching.

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Accreditations and Affiliations

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These words by Rabbi Yishmael, which reflect the essence of our mission, are found in Pirkei Avot. They advise us to lead lives filled with learning, teaching, preservation of our heritage, and social action.

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