A unique college preparatory school that does not need to “teach to the test,” Schechter Westchester High School offers a structured yet flexible, integrated, concept-oriented curriculum. Both our secular and Judaic studies classes are rigorous and we expect our students to be thoughtful, active learners. 


Our students learn from our teachers and each other. Our teachers learn from each other and our students. No discipline stands alone. Student presentations incorporate not just subject matter but demonstrate presentation skills. For some assignments, students may choose to present orally, visually, or even musically rather than a written presentation. We seek to interweave disciplines and curricular elements such as skills and modes of thinking that may be taught more effectively in relation to each other rather than separately.


In the study of history, for example, memorizing dates and facts or the identification of wars and political leaders have their place; properly conceived, however, history includes ideas, cultural developments, and social, political, and religious movements. We want our students’ experience of history to include the evolution of diverse cultures, the changing relationships among peoples, races, genders, religions, and ideologies as well as the development of mathematical and scientific thinking, the evolution of technology, and history’s connection with the natural world and humanity’s relationship with God.

Thoughtful, Active Learners

Our students are expected to reflect on their own perspective and explore perspectives beyond their own. We want them to apply what and how they learn in the classroom to real-life issues, questions, and dilemmas. Sensitive, well-informed, and well-trained students continually reflect not simply on the themes and topics but on ways of thinking and perceiving.

Schechter Westchester High School maintains a philosophy of inclusion for students with diverse learning needs. We recognize some students require academic support to ensure their success. The Center for Academic Support is a comprehensive program designed to support these needs.

Meet Our Principal

Dear Friends:

Welcome to Schechter Westchester Upper School! I invite you to read our Mission and Core Values statement. It guides everything we do at Schechter Westchester.

Our High School is a learning Jewish community. Our secular and Judaic academics are rigorous and they are supported and enhanced by our values and ethics, our vibrant communal life outside the classroom, and the strong and lasting connections that are formed between students and staff throughout the high school years.

All these components mesh to provide our students with the courage and confidence to self-advocate, persuade, and present their ideas and opinions in cogent and compelling ways as they prepare for college and beyond.


Eric Bassin
High School Principal

These words by Rabbi Yishmael, which reflect the essence of our mission, are found in Pirkei Avot. They advise us to lead lives filled with learning, teaching, preservation of our heritage, and social action.

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